Artistic Encounters: Fuzzy Beuys Summer Outburst

Fuzzy Beuys Present: Dark Sides with Rortron

Witness a summer explosion of media, light, and music as the Fuzzy Beuys light up Kesey Square on Thursday, June 27th. Terry Holloway and Ian Coronado of the local art troupe, Fuzzy Beuys, will be mixing video live and digitally projecting it onto a double sided sculpture, presenting the viewer with an art experience they can walk through. The whole evening will be accompanied by the musical stylings of DJ Rortron, Eugene’s funkiest sound curator and noise manipulator. Music will start at 8pm with projections happening from 9-10pm.


Event/Tech Layout

The goal is to lure the crowd from afar with the visuals being projected onto the outside of the structure. As they enter through reflective curtains they experience a distorted version of the world outside. As the viewer exits the piece they will pop out into an impromptu dance floor in front of DJ Rortron.

Kesey Install

*Notice the tables lined up along the side of the food carts, leaving the middle open