Are you Ready to Glow? The Fuzzy Beuys’ Electric Jellyfish invades ArtCity Studios

Artist Terry Holloway and his Art Troupe, the Fuzzy Beuys, are set to premiere their latest work, Electric Jelly, at ArtCity Studios. The installation promises to be a unique experience, bringing together a wide range of visual elements to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind environment. Electric Jelly incorporates video projection, sound, UV lights, reflective streamers, fluorescent rocks, and neon jellyfish, creating an engaging and surreal environment that invites viewers to walk through the space.

In addition to Electric Jelly, Eugene Printmakers, Sandy Honda, David Placencia, and Marina Hajek will also be on-site and opening up their studios to show their work. These artists work in a range of mediums, from printmaking and painting to sculpture and mixed media.

The premiere of Electric Jelly will take place at ArtCity Studios at 160 E Broadway in Eugene on Friday, May 5th and again on Friday, June 2nd. The event is open to the public, and art enthusiasts are encouraged to attend and experience this unique installation and see the work of the other talented artists.

The event will be hosted at ArtCity Studios (located in the basement of the Quackenbush Building), a community-centered art space that supports local artists and provides a platform for emerging talent to showcase their work. This event is just one of many exciting events and exhibitions taking place at the studio this year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the art and culture of our vibrant community. We look forward to seeing you at ArtCity Studios for the premiere of Electric Jelly and the open studio event!

Fuzzy Beuys Present Hybrid Art Experience

The Fuzzy Beuys are back with an all new experiment, the “Hybrid Art Experience.”

To celebrate Visual Arts Week in Eugene, we will be once again teaming up with our good friend and favorite sound curator, Rortron to bring you a hybrid art experience for you to attend in person or online.

Coming up this first Friday, August 6th, Rortron will be soul trippin’ through space as the Fuzzy Beuys add psychedelic imagery to a video projected art installation on the wall behind him. The group will be performing from 6-8pm at ArtCity Studios on Broadway, located in downtown Eugene. You are also invited to participate virtually by joining a Zoom meeting live during the event. Once in the Zoom meeting you can dance virtually with Rortron and the Fuzzy Beuys, or hold up flashing lights and interesting patterns in front of your computer’s web camera for a chance to be featured or mixed into the live video projection.

Along with the good music and weird visuals, we will also be touring ArtCity studios at different times throughout the evening, and will host two special performances by Emma Rose Lynn, a musician/vocalist, voice teacher, and classically trained soprano.

Live at ArCity Studios from 6-8pm Friday, August 6th | 160 E Broadway, Eugene, OR

How to Participate Online

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 1862 2136
Passcode: FuzzyB

*Bring flashlights, patterned blankets, colored bulbs, Christmas lights, pets, kids, anything wild and wacky that we can mix into the visuals live into the background video projection at ArtCity Studios.

Sunny-Side Up On Display at ArtCity Studios


Sunny-Side Up is now showing at ArtCity Studios on Broadway in downtown Eugene. This large-scale installation incorporates mounds of egg cartons, a kiddie pool frying pan, and Butter pad pillows to create an absurd explosion of the classic farmer’s breakfast.

The installation will be on display through the month of January at 160 E Broadway. ArtCity studios is located in the basement of the historic Quackenbush Building and is open to the public Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 – 5:30PM.


New Studio Location!


Terry Holloway and his art collective, Fuzzy Beuys will be moving into the newly opened ArtCity Studios on Broadway. The new collaborative studio is located in the basement of the historic Quackenbush building at 160 E Broadway in downtown Eugene. The space will be used to experiment and test new techniques and installations, as well as a performance and exhibition space for new and old work.

Upcoming events will be posted on Terry Holloway’s website under the News and Updates page.



ArtCity Studios on Broadway officially opened in December and is focused on developing a space for ArtCity artists to create, develop their work, and engage with the community. The historic Quakenbush building on East Broadway now accommodates studio space for 12 local artists, one visiting artist, and the director’s office. The space also includes a lounge, areas for education, and collaboration.

Click here to learn more about their current studio artists:




Duality Premieres at Pickathon Music Festival

The Fuzzy Beuys premiered a new installation by Terry Holloway at Pickathon Music Festival this past August. Duality is a pair of monolithic structures attempting to attract viewers from a distance, inviting them to walk through the immersive sculpture and be transported to another state of mind. When visitors pass through this gate, they will be able to trigger movements of light and color, transforming their world temporarily. This piece encourages participants to continue on their path with an altered perspective and heightened sense of wonder.


Fuzzy Beuys participate in Harmonic Laboratory’s Artistic Encounter Series

Dark Sides

Fuzzy Beuys Present: Dark Sides with Rortron

Witness a summer explosion of media, light, and music as the Fuzzy Beuys light up Kesey Square on Thursday, June 27th. Terry Holloway and Ian Coronado of the local art troupe, Fuzzy Beuys, will be mixing video live and digitally projecting it onto a double sided sculpture, presenting the viewer with an art experience they can walk through. The whole evening will be accompanied by the musical stylings of Rortron, Eugene’s funkiest sound curator and noise manipulator. Music will start at 8pm with projections happening from 9-10pm. Sponsored by Harmonic Laboratory in Eugene.


New Immersive Video Projection Installation premiering at BEAM

Artist team member Graeme Haub, cutting PVC to build the structure

A new art installation by Terry Holloway, will make its debut in Downtown Eugene on Friday, September 21. This piece will be featured at ArtCity’s BEAM, an illuminated outdoor pop-up gallery showcasing multidisciplinary art, from 8:00-11:00 PM at the Park Blocks at the corner of 8th and Oak St.  A geometric structure big enough to walk through, the immersive sculpture will be comprised of color and light projected onto external planes, but those who enter will discover flexibility and reflection within. This piece invites the viewer to feel transformed, transported, or immersed in a different world, and then to return to the familiar with a new perspective.

Artist team member Graeme Haub, taking photos during a recent test

Come enjoy this free event, and help achieve ArtCity’s mission “to transform the community through collaborative engagement in the arts”!


BEAM 2018 from ArtCity on Vimeo.


Fusion of traditional Javanese shadow puppet theater with live video projection create a new visual experience in Downtown Eugene.

gamelantitle1.jpgHarmonic Laboratory presents The Quest: A Multimedia Wayang Kulit, a narrative journey guided by Gamelan Sari Pandhawa, a traditional Indonesian percussion orchestra, and original digital projections by Terry Holloway. The event will combine gamelan music, abstract video imagery, and Javanese shadow puppetry. It is part of the Artistic Encounters Series, which aims to bring a sense of unexpected wonder and whimsy to locations throughout downtown Eugene by presenting unique artistic experiences.

Gamelan Sari Pandhawa is dedicated to providing an educational and entertaining multi-cultural experience for the Eugene community, enriching lives through expanding cultural awareness. The ensemble was established in 1996 and has performed in concert and taught classes throughout the area. This dedicated group performs on bronze and wood instruments handcrafted and painted in Central Java and seeks to increase the community’s understanding of traditional Javanese cultural arts, music, dance and shadow puppetry.

Terry Holloway will be illuminating the puppetry with live video projections consisting of a wide array of colors and generative design. The abstract textures and visuals will be adapted and manipulated live to match the environment and tone of the narrative.

Come enjoy this free show at 9pm on Thursday, August 30th at Kesey Square in Eugene, Oregon.

The Quest: A Multimedia Wyang Kulit
Thursday, August 30th ~ 9pm – 10pm
10 E Broadway, Eugene, OR


New Immersive Installation Premiering in Downtown Eugene

Compressed-9801Terry Holloway will be premiering a new art installation titled Sunny-side Up in Downtown Eugene on Friday, August 17th. The installation is part of Art City’s Studio Without Walls event scheduled from 5:30 – 8:00pm at the Park Blocks at the corner of Oak and 8th St. This immersive installation comprised of egg cartons, a large kiddie pool frying pan, and a “sizzling” soundtrack, invites the viewer to escape the “normal” and enter into a surreal and weird world (as a fried egg cooking on the sidewalk in the summer sun). Come enjoy this unique installation that is continuing Terry’s tradition and motto of “making it weird!”



Studio Without Walls is a EUGfun! event series that is produced by ArtCity Eugene on the Third Friday of July, August, and September.

Friday, August 17th
5:30 – 8:00pm
8th & Oak St. – Eugene, Or


Spark displays at Pickathon!


Spark made it’s latest and greatest appearance among the campers at Pickathon Music Festival. Attendees traveling the steep and dusty trails of Pendarvis farm were treated to an array of motion-activiated colored lights that were triggered as they walked past or underneath the piece, illuminating small pouches of “ideas” overhead. By day the pouches were dappled with sunlight, and the piece felt like a natural extension of the wooded landscape, but in the darkness of night the colors flared brilliantly, lighting a crossroads for attendees seeking art, music, or friends. This was a wonderful, challenging, and very rewarding installation, and we are grateful to have played a part in the Pickathon experience.

Spark at Pickathon Music Festival

The rest of the festival was a blast and we have included some images on our Pickathon Experience page.