BEAM 2023 Proposal

BEAM 2023 Proposal

Our proposal is to adapt our recent installation “Electric Jelly” into a free standing sculpture or structure that viewers can walk through and interact with the video on the outside. Viewers from the outside can see the person go into the structure and can follow their movement inside by watching video projection on the outside of the structure. There will be a curated stereo soundtrack playing in the vicinity of the piece. There will also be UV lights inside of the structure to illuminate fluorescent Jelly fish and rocks throughout the piece.

The installation is designed to be experienced as a multisensory immersive environment, with the video projections taking over the entire space and enveloping the viewer in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. The soundscapes are carefully crafted to enhance the visual experience, and create a sense of being immersed in an underwater realm.

All materials will be secured temporarily and will leave no trace upon removal.

BEAM Proposal Images and Diagrams

BEAM 2023 diagram-2


Artist Bio

The Fuzzy Beuys [pronounced: fUHz-ee byOO-eez] is a collaborative and innovative artist collective founded by media artists Terry Holloway and Ian Coronado. The collective’s mission is to bring wonder and levity to public spaces through unique, immersive experiences that incorporate projected visuals, designed pressure waves, and interactive installation elements. The Fuzzy Beuys perform in both interstitial and public spaces, aiming to create transformative experiences that immerse and overwhelm audiences with joy and wonder.

Since its inception, The Fuzzy Beuys have evolved to include a diverse group of media artists who contribute to the collective’s evolving performances and installations. Their past works have included improvised video and musical performances, as well as public video installations.

Artist: Terry Hollowayunnamed

Artist: Ian Coronado

Site History and Information

The Park Blocks, formerly known as Hitching Post Square,[1] are an urban plaza in Eugene, Oregon, United States.

Hitching Post Square

“This land was donated in 1863 by Charnel Mulligan
and Eugene Skinner in perpetuity for Lane County use.
Each gave a portion of his Donation Land Claim.
This was a meeting place for pioneers who tied
their horses to the hitching rail while conducting
business. That future generations may be aware
of their valuable contribution.”

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