BEAM 2020 Proposal

BEAM 2020 Proposal

Our proposal is to install a large 2-sided site-specific video installation in the center of the fountain in middle of the West Park Blocks in Downtown Eugene. We plan to use 2 video projectors to map digital textures onto the existing bronze sculpture in the center of the fountain. These textures will change and shift into different scenes blending both sides in unity and in duality. Each side of the installation will feature separate light and textures curated by the artists. If allowed, a subtle soundtrack of ambient and organic tracks such as digitized water will play underneath the visuals.

As media artists, we often feel drawn to “digitize” or “translate” the world around us into the language or medium we consume or are inspired by. When I visit this fountain downtown on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I can sense the creative and free-flowing spirit of the community bustling and splashing around in celebration of summer. On the flip side, I have also noticed that at night or in the wintertime when the fountain and lights are turned off, it doesn’t carry or instill that same movement and energy. The goal with this installation is to map the video and light seamlessly to the sculptural object, allowing a new surface to be illuminated while preserving the spirit of the original sculpture. We are trying to add movement and light to an otherwise stationary object that usually sits dormant in October. We think this will be a great installation for COVID due to its ability to be viewed from all angles, all sides, and from a distance. The scope should allow viewers to stay socially distanced while moving safely around the space.

All materials will be secured temporarily and will leave no trace upon removal.

BEAM Proposal Images and Diagrams

Parkblock fountain close copyParkblock fountain medium copyParkblock fountain wide copyParkblock pano copyprojector 1 placement copyProjector 2 placement copy

Artist Bio

Fuzzy Beuys [pronounced: fUHz-ee byOO-eez] is an arts and entertainment group based in Eugene, Oregon. The group was originally established in 2005 as an art collective featuring local media artists working in technology. Their work uses video manipulation, digital content, and found footage to improvise video and musical performances. Their goal is to bring wonder and levity to the community by means of projected visuals, designed sound compositions, and interactive installations. The Fuzzy Beuys perform using interstitial and communal spaces, seeking engagement with unassuming spectators. They strive to inspire curiosity and joy through art and technology.

Artist: Terry Holloway
Artist: Ian Coronado

Site History and Information

The Park Blocks, formerly known as Hitching Post Square,[1] are an urban plaza in Eugene, Oregon, United States.

Hitching Post Square

“This land was donated in 1863 by Charnel Mulligan
and Eugene Skinner in perpetuity for Lane County use.
Each gave a portion of his Donation Land Claim.
This was a meeting place for pioneers who tied
their horses to the hitching rail while conducting
business. That future generations may be aware
of their valuable contribution.”

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Fountain and Sculpture

Title: “Untitled”
Artist: Tom Hardy, 1920 – 2016, sculptor

Tom Hardy’s untitled fountain (1952) is installed at the northeast corner of Eugene’s Park Blocks, near the intersection of 8th Avenue and Oak Street. The fountain’s bronze sculpture depicts a school of fish, possibly salmon, jumping in and out of the water and measures approximately 69 inches (1.8 m) x 18 feet (5.5 m), 8 inches (0.20 m) x 5 feet (1.5 m).[1] Surrounding the sculpture are five water jets. The fountain’s base is made of concrete and embedded stones, and measures approximately 24 inches (0.61 m) x 40 feet (12 m) x 40 feet (12 m).[1]

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