Pickathon Installation Proposal


Duality is a pair of monolithic structures attempting to attract viewers from a distance, inviting them to walk through the immersive sculpture and be transported to another state of mind. When visitors pass through this gate, they will be able to trigger movements of light and color, transforming their world temporarily. This piece encourages participants to continue on their path with an altered perspective and heightened sense of wonder.

Portland Winter Light  Proposal

My proposal is to install an immersive sculpture along a wide path in the woods. Viewers can walk through the sculpture while being surrounded by giant walls of interactive LED lights. My goal is to recycle and adapt a previous public outdoor installation, Tractor Beam, to fit the “Pickathon environment.” The PVC structures will be lined with individually addressable LED lights to create giant LED matrix displays that will interact with the viewer as they pass by using Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors. The entire structure will be battery powered, allowing for daily recharging.

Concept Drawings

Duality can be installed in the dark woods and alongside a wide path as two separate freestanding structures. The panels stand on their own but will be braced and supported by the trees behind them.

Doc May 07, 2019, 10_34-5

concept 1


Research and Development