Installation Begins Tuesday at Pickathon Music Festival

The 2-Day Installation on the collaborative piece, Spark, will begin next week out at the Pickathon Music Festival in Happy Valley, Oregon. The support team is comprised of artists Terry Holloway and Cari Ingrassia, with the assistance of Meghan Horne-Brine and Jen Hagerman.

Pickathon Suspension Setup


The crew will begin early in the morning on Tuesday installing the suspension rig with the goal of hanging all 5 LED lighting grids, as well as installing all 120 custom built LED lights. The day will conclude with an electrical test to access battery efficiency and note any changes to be made the next day.


Wednesday is reserved for attaching the “creative” pouches delicately around the LED lights.  Workers will also be tasked with making any necessary adjustments that were noticed the night before. Once the pouches are in place, installation continues to the wiring and networking of all sensors and lights. Once everything is wired correctly, batteries will be installed and the whole installation will then be tested throughout the night to ensure all tech is running safely and properly.

Stay tuned here for more documentation during the installation process.