Fusion of traditional Javanese shadow puppet theater with live video projection create a new visual experience in Downtown Eugene.

gamelantitle1.jpgHarmonic Laboratory presents The Quest: A Multimedia Wayang Kulit, a narrative journey guided by Gamelan Sari Pandhawa, a traditional Indonesian percussion orchestra, and original digital projections by Terry Holloway. The event will combine gamelan music, abstract video imagery, and Javanese shadow puppetry. It is part of the Artistic Encounters Series, which aims to bring a sense of unexpected wonder and whimsy to locations throughout downtown Eugene by presenting unique artistic experiences.

Gamelan Sari Pandhawa is dedicated to providing an educational and entertaining multi-cultural experience for the Eugene community, enriching lives through expanding cultural awareness. The ensemble was established in 1996 and has performed in concert and taught classes throughout the area. This dedicated group performs on bronze and wood instruments handcrafted and painted in Central Java and seeks to increase the community’s understanding of traditional Javanese cultural arts, music, dance and shadow puppetry.

Terry Holloway will be illuminating the puppetry with live video projections consisting of a wide array of colors and generative design. The abstract textures and visuals will be adapted and manipulated live to match the environment and tone of the narrative.

Come enjoy this free show at 9pm on Thursday, August 30th at Kesey Square in Eugene, Oregon.

The Quest: A Multimedia Wyang Kulit
Thursday, August 30th ~ 9pm – 10pm
10 E Broadway, Eugene, OR