Spark displays at Pickathon!


Spark made it’s latest and greatest appearance among the campers at Pickathon Music Festival. Attendees traveling the steep and dusty trails of Pendarvis farm were treated to an array of motion-activiated colored lights that were triggered as they walked past or underneath the piece, illuminating small pouches of “ideas” overhead. By day the pouches were dappled with sunlight, and the piece felt like a natural extension of the wooded landscape, but in the darkness of night the colors flared brilliantly, lighting a crossroads for attendees seeking art, music, or friends. This was a wonderful, challenging, and very rewarding installation, and we are grateful to have played a part in the Pickathon experience.

Spark at Pickathon Music Festival

The rest of the festival was a blast and we have included some images on our Pickathon Experience page.