Fuzzy Beuys to perform tonight in Springfield!

The Fuzzy Beuys will be performing live at the Eugene Springfield Art Project Pop-Up Gallery in downtown Springfield on Friday night. The Fuzzy Beuys are a group of media artists and collaborators working out of Eugene, Oregon. The group developed from a series of “video jam sessions” between Oklahoma artists Terry Holloway and Ian Coronado back in 2005. What started out as improvised communication through audio and video, has developed into an orchestrated abstract narrative. The group now has grown to include other artists: Graeme Haub, J T Banks, and Tina Martinson (the only Fuzzy Geurl). If you have never witnessed the media explosion of a Fuzzy Beuys event, then be sure to stop by and check it out.

ESAP Pop-Up Gallery

3rd & Main Street, Springfield, Oregon

Friday 9th, 2015