Fuzzy Beuys Present Hybrid Art Experience

The Fuzzy Beuys are back with an all new experiment, the “Hybrid Art Experience.”

To celebrate Visual Arts Week in Eugene, we will be once again teaming up with our good friend and favorite sound curator, Rortron to bring you a hybrid art experience for you to attend in person or online.

Coming up this first Friday, August 6th, Rortron will be soul trippin’ through space as the Fuzzy Beuys add psychedelic imagery to a video projected art installation on the wall behind him. The group will be performing from 6-8pm at ArtCity Studios on Broadway, located in downtown Eugene. You are also invited to participate virtually by joining a Zoom meeting live during the event. Once in the Zoom meeting you can dance virtually with Rortron and the Fuzzy Beuys, or hold up flashing lights and interesting patterns in front of your computer’s web camera for a chance to be featured or mixed into the live video projection.

Along with the good music and weird visuals, we will also be touring ArtCity studios at different times throughout the evening, and will host two special performances by Emma Rose Lynn, a musician/vocalist, voice teacher, and classically trained soprano.

Live at ArCity Studios from 6-8pm Friday, August 6th | 160 E Broadway, Eugene, OR

How to Participate Online

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 1862 2136
Passcode: FuzzyB

*Bring flashlights, patterned blankets, colored bulbs, Christmas lights, pets, kids, anything wild and wacky that we can mix into the visuals live into the background video projection at ArtCity Studios.