Are you Ready to Glow? The Fuzzy Beuys’ Electric Jellyfish invades ArtCity Studios

Artist Terry Holloway and his Art Troupe, the Fuzzy Beuys, are set to premiere their latest work, Electric Jelly, at ArtCity Studios. The installation promises to be a unique experience, bringing together a wide range of visual elements to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind environment. Electric Jelly incorporates video projection, sound, UV lights, reflective streamers, fluorescent rocks, and neon jellyfish, creating an engaging and surreal environment that invites viewers to walk through the space.

In addition to Electric Jelly, Eugene Printmakers, Sandy Honda, David Placencia, and Marina Hajek will also be on-site and opening up their studios to show their work. These artists work in a range of mediums, from printmaking and painting to sculpture and mixed media.

The premiere of Electric Jelly will take place at ArtCity Studios at 160 E Broadway in Eugene on Friday, May 5th and again on Friday, June 2nd. The event is open to the public, and art enthusiasts are encouraged to attend and experience this unique installation and see the work of the other talented artists.

The event will be hosted at ArtCity Studios (located in the basement of the Quackenbush Building), a community-centered art space that supports local artists and provides a platform for emerging talent to showcase their work. This event is just one of many exciting events and exhibitions taking place at the studio this year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the art and culture of our vibrant community. We look forward to seeing you at ArtCity Studios for the premiere of Electric Jelly and the open studio event!